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Five years at Microsoft blew by and I have taken time off to work on a number of projects. My book, Audio Anecdotes, is now a 3 volume series the first just introduced at the Game Developer's Conference. I also developed a class, Introduction to Interactive Sound Synthesis, which I am teaching at DigiPen, a unique institution offering both BS and Masters Degrees in Computer Science emphasizing skills and theory needed for a career in the video game industry.

Leaving Microsoft can be tricky checkout this page if you are considering doing the same. Or visit The East Side Journal's coverage of the website!

Checkout my photographs from my New Years 2000 yoga retreat with Dona Holleman in Soiano Italy.

I chair SEAGRAPH the local ACM SIGGRAPH chapter; please check here to learn what is going on or email me to volunteer to give a talk or help in some other capacity!

At Microsoft I worked on a project called Appelles which began in research as a part of Jim Kajiya's innovative Talisman 3D graphics hardware effort (Appelles was the software front end needed to tame Talisman) and was prematurely productized (and known by a long list of names) before it was released as DirectAnimation in IE4, IE5, WIN98, Windows2000, Millennium, and Windows XP. I designed the realtime audio and video aspects of the engine and created with Conal Elliot Presto-Changeo the basis of Microsoft's new Avalon rendering system to be included in the Longhorn release.

Please visit my webpage at Microsoft (or my copy ) to learn more about my activities there.

Previous to that I had a wonderfull Sabbatical and spent 5 exciting years with SGI working on various aspects of Digital Media. Look here for information on some of those projects.

Before SGI I was at DVP, a Rockville Maryland based startup applying realtime embedded DSP and controller technology to video, audio and signal processing problems mostly funded by SBIR contracts.

In addition you can read my resume, see photos of the house I recently purchased, or learn about my hobbies. (as if I had spare time)

See my photos or Debbie's photos from Kevin and Christina's Wedding!
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